How long does it take to learn Swedish?

This question comes up a lot and it all depends on the person. It comes down to which your native language is, previous experience with language learning, and motivation. Some people need a few months, some people years to because conversational in a language.

Can you teach me Swedish?

This site is made to give you as many tools as possible to learn Swedish on your own. Say It In Swedish doesn’t offer private lessons with a teacher however there are communities on Discord, Facebook and Reddit dedicated to your questions.

What does a premium member get?

As a premium member you unlock all lesson notes. These may include a transcription of the lesson text or dialog, translations, and separate spoken audio for each sentence, vocabulary lists with audio and exercises, additional information, tips, and example sentences. Of course there is a printer friendly version of both the vocabulary lists and the lesson notes. In addition, you’ll also unlock the additional features for our vocabulary lists along with premium text and voice channels on Discord.

How can I become a premium member?

You can proceed to checkout from the pricing page. You can also become a member through Patreon if you prefer.

I’m a Patron, how do I connect my accounts?

In your account settings you will find a connect button for Patreon. You need to authorize to see how much you are pledging.

I’m a patron but can’t see the premium content!

Patreon requires you to reauthorize from time to time. You do that via the Patreon connect button in your account settings.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, of course!

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just click the cancel button in your account settings. If you’re a member via Patreon you have to cancel your pledge to from your membership page.


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