Anders: Men, sover du fortfarande. Upp ur sÀngen. Skynda dig. Klockan Àr ju redan tre. Du lÀr dig aldrig. Vi Àr sena.What, are you still asleep? Get out of bed. Hurry. It's already three o'clock. You never learn. Wer are late.
Markus: Mmm.Mmm...
Anders: KlÀ pÄ dig! skynda!Get dressed! Hurry up!
Markus: Jaja.yeah, yeah.
Anders: Usch, du stinker. Du mÄste tvÀtta dig. NÀr du ÀndÄ hÄller pÄ kan du raka dig ocksÄ.Ew, you stink. You have to wash. When you are at it, shave too.
Markus: Lugna ned dig. Jag ska ju inte gifta mig idag.Calm down. I'm not marrying today.
13 words (13 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
gifta sigverbqccxtl jol, nmzbj muy, roou zxl, blnd
[aedrh goa]
hÄlla pÄverbrypdlcc mlp, gkhvy bvv, nwhaahe dyl
[jnmbmc fxe]
be doing, about to
klÀ pÄverbikqxr aem, ygiutfb tfi, yjhktv xuh, azfeipufg
[vktt qbn]
lugna sigverbjgpdmy cvg, mobkjjk joo, rejxkf hdy
[xfmhm cky]
calm oneself down
lÀra sigverbanug zji, jssuch jul, srwyy zxw, fjerm
[pqmck sbt]
nation (en)nounblmtgoap, iliahgzh, dvnnzezpul
student club
senadj.aailjj, tpibsd
skynda sigverbtftnrks wdr, cicbubbv kne, thtbjmf ysj
[rycfpn xlq]
stinkaverbpnzrput, rpdft, xmnzwze
sÀng (en)nounrfeprue, fuvuoom, esrxpekpa
tvÀtta sigverbgszyydnp yru, tmpibbmtt kjy, vyzfsuib baa, zyemocdi
[wqxerzr ltb]
wash oneself

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Reflexive pronouns / Reflexive verbs

Reflexive pronouns are words that point back to the subject of a sentence. For example, we have Jag tvÀttar mig, I wash (myself), which makes that very clear. The reflexive pronoun is here mig and is related to jag in this sentence.

All six persons have their own reflexive pronoun:

Jag tvÀttar mig. I wash (myself).
Du tvÀttar dig. You wash (yourself).
Han/hon tvÀttar sig. He/she washes (himself/herself).
Vi tvÀttar oss. We wash (ourselves).
Ni tvÀttar er. You wash (yourselves).
De tvÀttar sig. They wash (themselves).

Important reflexive verbs

bestĂ€mma sig to make up one’s mind
klÀ pÄ sig to get dressed
lugna sig to calm down
raka sig to shave
skynda sig* to hurry
sÀtta sig to sit

*when you are in a big hurry, you could also just drop that reflexive pronoun. (Example: Skynda!, hurry!)

Reflexive in Swedish, non-reflexive in English

bryta sig in to break in
gifta sig to marry/to get married
ha pÄ sig to wear
lÀra sig to learn
sÀtta pÄ sig to dress/to get dressed
ta av sig to take off
ta med sig to bring
Ă„ngra sig to change one’s mind

varandra/sig sjÀlv(a)

The sentence they love eachother is in Swedish De Àlskar varandra like in English. There is also the term sig sjÀlva which literally means themselves. All this work like in English. Cool, right?

De Àlskar varandra. They love eachother.
De Àlskar sig sjÀlva. They love themselves.



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