Top 5 Swedish movies and shows on Netflix

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to pick from when it comes to Swedish movies and shows on Netflix. The amount of Nordic content is very limited. However, if you’re learning Swedish and have a Netflix subscription, there are at least a few that you could enjoy to get that Swedish flair in your life. And if you’re lucky, you might pick up a few things. Try to watch with Swedish subtitles, if you can! Let’s Netflix and chill.

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Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

You’re in for a treat. One of the funniest Swedish movies is available on Netflix. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, which is based on a book, is about Allan Karlsson, who is about to celebrate his 100th birthday at a retirement home. He has no intentions of doing so and climbs out the window and disappears. As the twisted story then unfolds we also get to see Allan in past influencing various famous events based on his love to blow up things.

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Störst av allt

The new Netflix show Quicksand is a hot water-cooler topic in Sweden. A school shooting takes place in a posh suburb of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, and the young woman Maja is arrested and suspected for murder. She confesses to the shootings but denies any crime. The series tries to unravel her role in these crimes and why the shooting happened.

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The bridge is a famous Swedish-Danish co-production, which several foreign series have been based on. The series starts out with a dead body right in the middle of the Öresund bridge, which links the Danish capital Copenhagen with Sweden’s third largest city Malmö. This forces Danish and Swedish police to join forces, since the body falls within the jurisdiction of both countries. This one is one of the finest shows within the Nordic noir genre, with a melancholic and eerie feeling throughout the whole series. Since I couldn’t find any good trailer for season 1, the above is from season 2.

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Speaking of Nordic noir, this comedy series is a spoof of the genre. A British citizen is found dead in Norrbacka and it is up to Sophie Borg and the Brit Tom Brown to solve the case. Sophie, being born and raised in Norrback, has cut ties with her mother and is forced to go back to her home town for the case.

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The Rain

Scandinavian content on Netflix is extremely rare but this Danish Netflix production is a must see for anyone loving anything in the post-apocalyptic genre. Yes, I just said that it’s a Danish production, but there is a small amount of Swedish spoken in the series and maybe you will be able to recognize how close Danish and Swedish are, if you watch with Danish subtitles that is. I enjoyed this show a lot and I just needed to recommend it to you. By the way, the main actress Alba August is Swedish-Danish, which makes this a bit of a trippy experience if you’ve heard her speak Swedish flawlessly. Second by the way, she’s the daughter of Swedish actress Pernilla August, who is, among other things, famous for playing Anakin Skywalker’s mother in Star Wars. Now go watch The Rain!

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