Kanelbullar (Cinnamon buns)

A cafe without cinnamon buns, or kanelbullar, would be unimaginable in Sweden today. These buns are basically like the de facto national pastry of Sweden – a soft bun filled with butter, sugar, and cinnamon, shaped like a roll or knot. It even has its own day: 4th October and that’s why, because it’s so popular in Sweden, it’s a must for every Swedophile to have tried it at least once in their life. With this recipe you will successfully make 100% true Swedish cinnamon buns.


1 kg (7 cups) flour
2 packs dry yeast
1 tbsp cardamom
1 pinch salt
150g (3/4 cup) sugar
170g (3/4 cup) butter
400ml (1 3/4 cup) milk
2 eggs

Mix the dry ingredients together and then add the soft butter (keep it outside the fridge for a little while), milk and eggs. I would recommend you to heat the milk to 37C (98F) to make sure the dough won’t be too cold and won’t rise. Work the dough and put it in a warm place for 30 minutes. The bowl should be covered with a moist towel.


100g (1/2 cup) butter
1-2 tbsp cinnamon
100g (1/2 cup) sugar

When the dough has risen, roll it out to a rectangle and cover one half with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Fold the dough and either roll it together and cut it into pieces, which will give you rolls, or cut the un-rolled dough into stripes for making knots. Check out my video here on how to do that. Put the buns under a wet towel on a baking pan and let them rise for another 20-30 minutes.


Pearl sugar
1 egg or melted butter

Set your oven to 225C (425F) and brush the buns with either one egg or melted butter, sprinkle them with pearl sugar and then let them bake for about 7 minutes until they get a nice brown color. When they are finished baking, let them cool a bit but I recommend you to eat them warm. You can even put them in the microwave for a couple of seconds. The flavors get more distinct when the buns are warm (but not hot!).

I wish you a lot of fun making this!
Your Swede


You have just leveled up! Nice one!