Swedish Alphabet

The Swedish alphabet is much like the English one but with the addition of 3 more letters (å, ä, ö). This means that there are 29 letters, instead of 26, much like the other Nordic languages. The Swedish alphabet contains 20 consonants and 9 vowels, which are divided into mjuka vokaler, soft (front) vowels (e, i, y, ä, ö) and hårda vokaler, hard (back) vowels (a, o, u, å).

Some special letters are also used and/or recognized like é, used in words like kafé (café) or idé (idea), ü for German names and cities, and à for the preposition à meaning “a piece”. Q is rarely used in contemporary Swedish. It will mostly appear in proper nouns. The same goes for W which is mostly used in proper nouns and loanwords.

Aa [ɑː]
Bb [beː]
Cc [seː]
Dd [deː]
Ee [eː]
Ff [ɛfː]
Gg [geː]
Hh [hoː]
Ii [iː]
Jj [jiː]
Kk [koː]
Ll [ɛlː]
Mm [ɛmː]
Nn [ɛnː]
Oo [uː]
Pp [peː]
Qq [kʉː]
R [ærː]
Ss [ɛsː]
Tt [teː]
Uu [ʉː]
Vv [veː]
Ww [”dɵbːɛlveː]
Xx [ɛks]
Yy [yː]
Zz [”sɛːta]
Åå [oː]
Ää [ɛː]
Öö [øː]

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