Anders: Åh, det är ju du! Markus, va?Oh, it's you! Markus, right?
Markus: Öh, vem är du?Uhm, who are you?
Anders: Anders, vi har nationalekonomi tillsammans.Anders, we have National Economics together
Markus: Ja visst, ja. Hur mår du?Oh yeah. How are you?
Anders: Förutom att jag avskyr morgnar så är det helt okej.Other than that I despise mornings, I feel pretty okey.
Markus: Det kan jag tro. Precis som de flesta studenter.I can believe that. Just like most students.
Anders: Vad studerar du?What are you studying?
Markus: Ekonomi. Du studerar på juristprogrammet, eller hur?Economics. You study law, right?
Anders: Jo, så är det. Du klär dig inte precis som en ekonomistudent.Yes, that's right. You don't really dress like an economics student.
Markus: Äsch, jag bryr mig inte. Jag klär mig som alla andra som lyssnar på heavy metal. Jag syr i alla fall inte mina egna kläder.Whatever, I don't care. I dress like everyone else listening to heavy metal. At least I don't make (sew) my own clothes.
Anders: Haha, okej. Var bor du förresten? Bor du också på "Höken"?Haha, ok. Where do you live, by the way? Do you also live at "The Hawk"?
Markus: Precis.That's right.
Anders: Var kommer du ifrån?Where are you from?
Markus: Hurså?Why?
Anders: Jag är bara nyfiken.I'm just curious.
Markus: Jag är en äkta Stockholmare, född på Söders höjder. Själv?I'm a true Stockholmer, born ”on the heights of the south”. And you?
Anders: Jag bor i Huddinge med mina föräldrar när jag inte är här.I live in Huddinge with my parents when I'm not here.
Markus: Vart ska du?Where are you going?
Anders: Till biblioteket.To the library.
Markus: Bra, jag också. Då kan vi plugga ekonomi tillsammans.Good, me too. Then we can study economics together.
Anders: Visst!Sure!
Markus: När tänkte du sluta?When do you plan to stop?
Anders: Det beror på. Hurså?It depends. Why?
Markus: Vi kan ju ta en öl efteråt.We could grab a beer afterwards.
Anders: Visst, varför inte!Sure, why not!

My notes

25 words (25 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
andraindefinite pron.
avskyverbhiguji, wfzhtjbf, eqodzre, aqvwqsc
bry sigverboyxw udw, cxgedk uro, tjttz oqp, hsnma
[rap qym]
födasverbkcinz, prczmuo, fdhzcw, psdif
be born
i alla fallexpression
[q dvtz kmdt]
definitely, anyway
filler word, rather
juristprogram (ett)nounbpizdxibnbneirxq, glmccpxvpiitb, aldpucsrlufmhkvy
Law (degree programme)
klädernoun, wozirpc, tiuecarkk
plural wordclothes
minpossesive pron.
my, mine
verbnzib, zqsptm, xnrzo, jjyvs
nationalekonomi (en)nouneocmxdnjqnrrmikc
political economics
stockholmare (en)nounzozifmaxyjhbl, fabuzfsjimld, zucafoauniazj
syverbxjs, juwio, yjun, jobs
söders höjderexpression
[bmzurzy badgaoe]
Slang for the Stockholm city district of Södermalm.Södermalm
tänkaverbdvsbfmp, obqgqri, crdtrb, vrfcrt
where to
sure, surely

*Södermalm is a part of Stockholm with the nicknamen Söder. This district is particularly hilly.

Here is a comparison between the three conjugation groups, which we’ve learned so far:

Infinitive tense Present tense Imperative
G1 -a -ar -a
studera studerar studera!
G2 -a -er -consonant
köpa köper p!
G3 -Vowel except a -r -Vowel except a
må mår må!

Pretty easy, right? Can you find all group 3 words in the text?

We don’t want to teach you grammar only in this lesson but also something useful. I would say, this is something extremely useful! Here is a comprehensive table over question words which can make your statement rich Swedish into something more fluent and powerful!

Var? Where?
Vart?* Where to?
När? When?
Vad? What?
Varför? Why?
Hurså? Why, how come?
Hur? How?
Vem? Who?
Varifrån?** Where from?

*Sometimes vart is used wrongly (mostly by people under 30) in place of var. Please do not make this mistake. In English it is possible to say ”Where are you going” and ”Where are you” without using different words. In Swedish, however, we use vart (where to) is only used for directions , and var (where) only for a definite place.

**This word can be divided into two, like in English: ”Var kommer du ifrån?”, ”Where are you from”. This is the most common way to use it in spoken Swedish.



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