Anders: Är du verkligen sĂ€ker?Are you really sure?
Markus: Ja, Tyskland Àr större Àn Sverige.Yes, Germany is larger than Sweden.
Anders: Det stÀmmer inte. Sverige Àr mycket lÀngre Àn Tyskland.That's not right. Sweden is a lot longer than Germany.
Markus: Tyskland Àr bredare.Germany is wider.
Anders: Ja, men inte mycket.Yes, but not much.
Markus: Jag kollar pÄ internet. Okej, du vinner. Du vet mest. Du Àr smartast av oss. Kom, jag bjuder pÄ dricka.I'll check on the internet. Alright, you win. You know the most. You are the most clever of us. Come, I'll buy you a beverage.

My notes

6 words (6 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
bjudaverbodbbod, samxt, sxfdhk, wbfljb
bredadj.fwylota, roejkgo
lÄngadj.lzwqbrb, swxfyjk
smartadj.gnavnvja, sbvcrhie
Tysklandproper noun
vinnaverbdfmdue, wztu, nosmii, spwadh

For more on adjectives, check out beginner lesson #9 and our grammar post on adjectives.


Swedish adjectives work like in English and other Germanic languages. We have comparative and superlative. On this site we’ll call them stage 1 and stage 2 to make it easier for you. The basic form is called positive. Adjectives get the ending -are in the first stage and -ast in the second stage.

Basic form Stage 1 Stage 2
-are -ast
fin finare finast
pretty prettier the prettiest

Words already ending on -el, -er and -en only get -re and -st when compared:

Basic form Stage 1 Stage 2
enkel enklare enklast
vacker vackrare vackrast
vuxen vuxnare vuxnast

Some adjectives change their stem vowel: u > y, o > ö and Ä > À.

Basic form Stage 1 Stage 2
-re -st
ung yngre yngst
stor större störst
lÄng lÀngre lÀngst

There are of course some adjectives that are totally irregular. They change their whole stem in stage 1 and stage 2.

Basic form Stage 1 Stage 2
bra bÀttre bÀst
gammal Àldre Àldst
liten mindre minst
dÄlig* sÀmre sÀmst
dÄlig* vÀrre vÀrst
mycket mer mest
*DĂ„lig is compared differently depending on the specific meaning of the word.

Jag mÄr dÄligt. Jag mÄr sÀmre Àn igÄr.
I’m not feeling well. I feel worse than yesterday.

IgÄr var en dÄlig dag. VÀrre Àn idag.
Yesterday was a bad day. Worse than today.

Most Swedish adjectives are compared by adding endings to them but some are compared by using mer and mest, so it’s not completely different from English. This is for instance true for all words ending on -isk:

Basic form Stage 1 Stage 2
euforisk mer euforisk mest euforisk
sympatisk mer sympatisk mest sympatisk

Other than this, there are no real rules for which adjectives are compared in the first or second way. You should note, however, that most long adjectives seem to use the second way like spĂ€nnande (mer spĂ€nnande – mest spĂ€nnande) and intressant (mer intressant – mest intressant). In addition this is true for concatenated words meningslös (mer meningslös – mest meningslös). Generally you’ll have to learn which is the most commonly used way.

If you compare two things, like two countries, we use the Swedish conjunction Àn (than).
Example: Tyskland Àr mindre Àn Sverige. Germany is smaller than Sweden.

EuropÀiska lÀnder / European countries

Albanien Albania Montenegro Montenegro
Andorra Andorra NederlÀnderna The Netherlands
Belgien Belgium Norge Norway
Bosnien och Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Polen Poland
Bulgarien Bulgaria Portugal Portugal
Danmark Denmark RumÀnien Romania
Estland Estonia Ryssland Russia
Finland Finland San Marino San Marino
Frankrike France Schweiz Swizzerland
Grekland Greece Serbien Serbia
Island Iceland Slovakien Slovakia
Irland Ireland Slovenien Slovenia
Italien Italy Spanien Spain
Kroatien Croatia Storbritannien Great Britain
Lettland Latvia Sverige Sweden
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Tjeckien Czech Republic
Litauen Lithuania Tyskland Germany
Luxemburg Luxembourg Ukraina Ukraine
Makedonien Macedonia Ungern Hungary
Malta Malta Vatikanstaten The Vatican
Moldavien Moldova Vitryssland Belarus
Monaco Monaco Österrike Austria



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