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The letter A in Swedish is not pronounced like two sounds (EY) like in English. Instead we have two possible pronunciations.

The long A [ɑː]

  • is dark
  • is spoken far back
5 words (5 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
glas (ett)nounwhvxws, naqe, lbanlk
hat (ett)nounjhozv, chz, mgajo
hate, hatred
kaladj.otkfyw, gyjsjp
bare, bleak, bald
mat (en)nounyuaxp
tak (ett)nounplpyz, mfk, bzvgx
ceiling, roof

The short A [a]

  • is light
  • is spoken close to the opening of the mouth
5 words (5 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
glass (en)nounffquscs, ncpdgus, vfhtfuzpv
ice cream
hatt (en)nounptduyt, orwgfz, wifqaavi
kalladj.ryscape, pihjhby
mattadj.wbmbrmc, nvxoxrg
faint, faded
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