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The Swedish B is generally pronounced like a common B.

4 words (4 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
bi (ett)nounhfqw, dqh, mefk
bil (en)noundjhoj, uvxew, ggbsgyp
braadj.cbytjly, ovoqz
båt (en)nounhsifxf, legdkf, twkozmns

However, if the if the B is located between a short vowel and a S or T it is pronounced like a P.

3 words (3 new)
Exercise Flash cards Plain list
sure, of course, no doubt about it
observeraverbrqqpvbtcfd, hyarnzearaz, iltnmnrluc, dkssfulizp
observe, watch, note, consider
snabbtadv.mloxfcks, twmwaxos
quickly, fast

You can keep in mind that words with abs- and obs- all get this harder B-sound a.k.a. P-sound.



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