Pronunciation #18 - Q

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A Swedish Q is only used in names and loan words from other languages. A Q is also always followed by U or V.

Q is always pronounced lik [k].

An important loan word is originally a person’s name from Norway. Quisling [”kvisliŋ], traitor. He was a norwegian faschist and more or less gave Norway to the Nazis in WWII. Today, his name is a synonym for traitor.

You’ll also find Q in a lot of Swedish surnames that end with -quist/qvist. Sometimes with V and sometimes with U after the Q. Originally, this meant stick or branch. This word is spelled kvist [kvist] in modern Swedish.

Lindquist/Lindqvist, Lime tree branch
Lövquist/Lövqvist, Leaf branch
Blomquist/Blomqvist, Flower branch

There are a lot more names where those came from.