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A language connects people and provides them with an understanding of other cultures and values. Learn Swedish with us and open the gate to the mysterious North. Swedish is easy and a lot of fun!

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With us, as opposed to other sites, you always learn together with Joakim and Ludvig. Download every lesson as MP3 and learn from real Swedes!

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We help you to learn usable and authentic Swedish quickly. Our students who also study with SFI and SAS are way ahead.

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Audio lessons

All our lessons are taught by Swedes. Joakim and Ludvig are two brothers, born in Stockholm. They explain important grammar and topics in a fun and easy way.

Free beginner lessons

All audio files that you find for the beginner lessons are completely free of charge. Just download the MP3 and you are on your way to speaking perfect Swedish.


Play back all the dialogs exactly when you want. You can choose between normal speed and slow speed.

Interactive vocabulary

All words can be sorted, played back and learned with phonetic symbols. As a member you can save the words, that you don’t know, in your own personal word bank. In the learning center you can also find a bunch of lists for different topics.


All vocabulary lists can be practised through our exercise system. Our algorithm knows, how often you need to learn a word.

Learning Center

What do we have more, that others don’t? Our learning center with a lot of resources for learning Swedish: Vocab lists, a comprehensive verb list, accent explanation, sound explanation, everyday slang, common expressions, and much more.

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We have a lot of free lessons here at Say It In Swedish. We want that the European people learn to communicate and understand each other but also that the world understands us Europeans! Get a premium account and begin to learn actively today with numerous exercises and vocab lists.

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