Hej, hej!

Hej, hej!

Sweden is more than Billy shelves, meatballs and Pippi Longstocking.
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My name is Joakim and this is my baby. I’m the founder of Say It In Swedish and, oh boy, am I glad that you are reading this.

I started this site to move language learning into the future and to help people interested in Sweden, with their roots in Sweden, traveling to Sweden or migrating to Sweden to get on their feet. Languages belong to the people speaking it and I wanted to make Swedish more accessible to everyone.

So who the fudge am I? I was born and raised just outside Stockholm. I’ve got a history in music and tech but I’m also a passionate language learner. You could even call me a polyglot with a deep interest in his mother tongue. I’m trying to put all my knowledge into this project to teach you how Swedes really speak and not what a text book thinks that they speak.

Join me and everyone using Say It In Swedish, enjoy the ride and feel free to send me a message if you’ve got any questions at all.

Sincerely yours,

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It is illegal but not punishable to walk a red light in @sweden if you're no danger to the traffic. 🇸🇪 #swedishfacts
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The great band @thesounds comes from Malmö, @sweden. 🇸🇪 #swedishfacts
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In @sweden the royal family has no political power. 🇸🇪 #swedishfacts
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STEF 3 hours ago
how can i pay?
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Let's learn about the third verb conjugation group and question words. t.co/BERzQw40eG t.co/1MNBaPovhs
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God morgon Amerika! Don't forget to brush up on your #Swedish today! #godmorgon #goodmorning #learningswedish
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@JOALLEN33 21 hours ago
@sayitinswe @sweden and great place to live 🙂
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@ILIAS_FOUKIS 1 day ago
THE LAST OF HOMER Poem by IL.t.co/rcngkI0ftq @royalcourt_sw @DerKunga @Kungafamiljen @sayitinswe @kultursidorna @SvenskaHotels
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@EREXFORD 2 days ago
@sayitinswe Taco Pie! What a fun recipe! Love your new YouTube video. t.co/yxQAqNxlei
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@MIHOLOMIMI 2 days ago
@sayitinswe Stockholm är en vacker stad 🙂
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@BORN__PERFECT 3 days ago
@sayitinswe t.co/1rSYD3qzzG
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JOAKIM SWEDE 3 days ago
Unfortunately you are not allowed to purchase anything if you are underage without the permission of your parents or guardian. This means that you need to ask them anyway and they will probably have a bank account.
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SHAMIE 4 days ago
it wasnt bad at all it really perfect but the problem is that what if im a Child under 18 and dont have any bank card how can i learn more
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JOAKIM SWEDE 1 week ago
Hej Katia! Välkommen 🙂
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KAT ZAM 1 week ago
Hej allihopa! Jag är Katia.
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You have just leveled up! Nice one!